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Royalty Radio 617

Boston , Mass - Based Podcast W/ A Plethora Of Publications That Provide an In Depth Look At Society from an Independent Business point of View 

Random Radio Podcast 

Chicago , Illinois - based Podcast Providing A Multi - Genre atmosphere and Embracing The underground Culture With A Wide Variety Of Platforms , Comedy,  Chic chat , Event's , Interview's & More 

Da Grhynd Radio / Aidem Music Group 

Aidem Media Group /AMG delivers to so many places in so many different formats? We have a team of digital operations and physical production experts managing our partner’s digital content and physical inventory to be set up, formatted and optimized properly, so your music reaches as many destinations as possible, in the most efficient and transparent way available.
AIDEM MEDIA GROUP is about empowering ALL ARTISTS throughout the world. Our goal is to educate them in all aspects of the music industry. Our mission is to help them navigate their business in this ever-changing music landscape. We want artists to own, operate, monetize and brand themselves and their products.
At Aidem Media Group, we have a creative staff and have partnered up with other businesses to obtain and provide valuable services that our artists can benefit from. These services are comparable to any of the present day record labels, we just offer them at competitive prices. This allows our artists the opportunity to use as many, or as few, of these services based on their needs and resources.

Martu Moorhouse 

Independent Musician And Creator Of Bdn Podcast . Owner Of Bitte da Niccle Entertainment Based Out Of Indianapolis , Indiana 

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